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Tom of Finland (2017)

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Award-winning filmmaker Dome Karukoski brings to screen the life and work of one of the most influential and celebrated figures of twentieth century gay culture.

The Moment You Fall in Love (2016)

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Based on Vocaloid songs from "Kokuhaku Jikko Iinkai ~Renai Series~" by HoneyWorks, the movie is the second film based on the songs, following Tetsuya Yanagisawa's previous anime, "Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita".Suki ni naru sono shunkan o Kokuhaku jikkou iinkai

Diamond of Boyana (2017)

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Biser Bojane

Up the River (2015)

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Away from the city for the weekend, Rebecca must choose between her fiance, Thomas, and his best friend, Willy.

Don't Knock Twice (2017)

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A mother desperate to reconnect with her troubled daughter becomes embroiled in the urban legend of a demonic witch. Dont Knock Twice

The Babushkas of Chernobyl (2016)

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An affectionate portrait of a group of women who, after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster and evacuation, returned to the exclusion zone surrounding the nuclear power plant and have resided there - semi-officially, for years.

Holy Ghost Reborn (2015)

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost In Holy Ghost Reborn, the sequel to the popular and controversial Holy Ghost...

Chasing Great (2016)

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All Black captain Richie McCaw has lived his dream with characteristic precision and calculated determination...

Iris (2016)

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Iris, young wife of a businessman, disappears in Paris. Maybe a mechanic with many debts is involved in the strange affair. A really complicated job for the police.

The Salesman (2017)

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Forushande (The Salesman) is the story of a couple whose relationship begins to turn sour during their performance of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman.

Singular (2014)

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In an America where everyone has superpowers, Andy, the only kid who doesn't have one, struggles to escape a group of bullies led by Sofia...

Cupid's Guillotine (2017)

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A couple's love is put to the ultimate test by a Haunted House attraction that seems to have a mind of its own.Cupids Guillotine

The Violin Player (2016)

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The Violin Player is the story of one day in the life of a Bollywood session violinist who finds expression in an unlikely place. The day unfolds to reveal startling truths about music, art, life and survival.

The Boy and the Beast (2016)

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When a young orphaned boy living on the streets of Shibuya stumbles upon a fantastic world of beasts, he's taken in by a gruff warrior beast looking for an apprentice.

Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen (2016)

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In the spring of his second year of high school, Koyomi Araragi met the beautiful vampire Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade...

Skins (2017)

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Allergic to Flowers (2017)

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Two slackers, both acquaintances from high school, and both recently dumped by their significant others, are forced to take a job together delivering flowers on Valentine's Day.

Sandy Wexler (2017)

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Sandy Wexler (Adam Sandler) is a talent manager working in Los Angeles in the 1990s, diligently representing...

Lazer Team (2016)

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Four losers are thrust into the position of saving the world when they stumble upon a UFO crash site and become genetically equipped to the battle suit on board.

The Insanity of God (2016)

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Based on the best selling book by Nik Ripken, The Insanity of God is the personal and lifelong journey...

Revelation: Dawn of Global Government (2016)

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Looming world government, a world "elite", The United Nations...loss of American sovereignty! The light of our "shining city on the hill" dims...

HyperNormalisation (2016)

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Adam Curtis explains how, at a time of confusing and inexplicable world events, politicians and the people they represent have retreated in to a damaging over-simplified version of what is happening.

Yell for the Blue Sky (2016)

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Aozora Yell centers on Tsubasa, a girl who saw an inspirational brass band performance at the finals...Aozora eru

The Rolling Stones Ole, Ole, Ole!: A Trip Across Latin America (2016)

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Rocknroll concert doc following the Stones on their 2016 tour, culminating in their historic stop in Havana, Cuba.